In vivo changes in osteocyte protein expression when Ca2+ and actin dynamics are disrupted

Research Category: 
In vitro bone mechanobiology

Mechanical loading of osteocytes induces robust, intracellular calcium , Ca2+ oscillations and is also known to regulate osteocyte protein expression, including proteins capable of modulating osteoblast and osteoclast activity, cells that respectively build and resorb bone. Despite these clear and important roles in the adaptive process, to date, no studies have directly connected Ca2+-mediated mechanosensitivity to protein changes in osteocytes and few have linked Ca2+ oscillations to long-term adaptive responses. Using our murine uni-axial tibia loading model, we are able to examine short term protein responses to loading and study how these responses are altered when Ca2+ and actin dynamics are inhibited prior to in vivo loading.

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