BBL earns multiple poster and presentation spots at 2017 ORS

Congratulations to BBL members who have earned several poster and presentations spots at the annual Orthopaedic Research Society 2017 meeting to be held in March in San Diego. We are excited to present work done over the last year by both our clinical mechanics and mechanobiology groups, including work performed with our excellent 2016 summer interns. Below is a list of all abstracts accepted.

Paper Presentation in a Bone Mechanobiology Spotlight Session:
Downregulation Of Sclerostin In Response To Load Is Independent Of Ca2+-Mediated Mechanosensation
First author: Rachel L. Sattler
Additional authors: Genevieve N. Brown, Andrea E. Morrell, Samuel T. Robinson
Summer student authors: S. Navid Mousavi, Jasmine Brite
Senior author: X. Edward Guo

Poster and Poster Teaser Session:
Bone Formation and Resorption under Combined PTH and Mechanical Loading
First author: Samuel T. Robinson
Senior author: X. Edward Guo

Microstructural And Tissue-level Mechanical Changes In Subchondral Bone In Osteoarthritis With/without Type 2 Diabetes
First author: Y. Eric Yu
Additional authors: Yizhong Jenny Hu, Yan Chen, X. Edward Guo
Summer student author: Lukas Vasadi
Senior author: X. Edward Guo

Distinct Plate and Rod Distribution in Human Subchondral Trabecular Bone
First author: Yizhong Jenny Hu
Additional authors: Yan Chen, Y. Eric Yu, Xingjian Zhang, Tezita Watts, William W. Lu
Senior author: X. Edward Guo

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