Representative Papers from BBL

Dr. Guo has selected the top 20 papers that best represent the research being done in the Bone Bioengineering Laboratory. This list captures not only the work of the clinical mechanics and mechanobiology projects of the lab, but also the multi-scale and collaborative nature of the work done at BBL.

1. Guo, X. E., and Kim, C. H. (2002) Mechanical Consequence of Trabecular Bone Loss and Its Treatment: A Three-Dimensional Model Stimulation, Bone, 30(2): 404-411.

2. Kim, C. H., Takai, E., Zhou, H., von Stechow, D., Müller, R., Dempster, D. W., and Guo, X. E. (2003) Trabecular Bone Response to Mechanical and Parathyroid Hormone Stimulation: The Role of Mechanical Microenvironments, J. Bone and Miner. Res., 18(12): 2116-2125.

3. Dong, X. N. and Guo, X. E. (2004) The dependence of transversely isotropic elasticity of human femoral cortical bone on porosity, J. Biomech., 37:1281-2187.

4. Takai, E., Mauck, R. L., Hung, C. T. and Guo, X. E. (2004) Osteocyte Viability and Regulation of Osteoblast Function in a 3D Trabecular Bone Explant under Dynamic Hydrostatic Pressure, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 19(9):1403-1410.

5. Takai, E., Costa, K. D., Shaheen, A., Hung, C. T., and Guo, X. E. (2005) Osteoblast Elastic Modulus Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy is Substrate Dependent, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 33(7):963–971. (Cover Picture)

6. Liu, X. S., Sajda, P., Saha, P. K., Wehrli, F. W., and Guo, X. E. (2006) Quantification of the Roles of Trabecular Microarchitecture and Trabecular Type in Determining the Elastic Modulus of Human Trabecular Bone, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 21(10):1608-1617.

7. Liu, X. S., Sajda, P., Saha, P. K., Wehrli, F. W., Bevil, G., Keaveny, T. M., and Guo, X. E. (2008) Complete Volumetric Decomposition of Individual Trabecular Plates and Rods and Its Morphological Correlations with Anisotropic Elastic Moduli in Human Trabecular Bone, Journal of Bone Mineral Research, 23(2):223-235.

8. Zhang, X. H., Liu, X. S., Vasilic, B., Wehrli, F. W., Benito, M., Rajapakse, C. S., Snyder, P. J., and Guo, X. E. (2008) In Vivo µMRI-Based Finite Element and Morphological Analyses of Tibial Trabecular Bone in Eugonadal and Hypogonadal Men before and after Testosterone Treatment, Journal of Bone Mineral Research, 23(9): 1426-1434.

9. Shi, Y, Yadav, V. K., Suda, N., Liu, X. S., Guo, X. E., Myers, M. G. Jr., and Karsenty, G. (2008) Dissociation of the Neuronal Regulation of Bone Mass and Energy Metabolism by Leptin In Vivo, Proceedings of National Academies of Science, 105(51): 20529-20533.

10. Liu, X. S., Bevil, G., Keaveny, T. M., Sajda, P., and Guo, X. E.(2009) Micromechanical Analyses of Vertebral Trabecular Bone Based on Individual Trabeculae Segmentation of Plates and Rod, Journal of Biomechanics, 40(2): 249-256.

11. Yadav, V. K., Oury, F., Suda, N., Liu, Z., W. Gao, X. B., Confavreux, C., Klemenhagen, K. C., Tanaka, K. F., Gingrich, J. A., Guo, X. E., Tecott, L. H., Mann, J. J., Hen, H., Horvath, T. L., and Karsenty, G. (2009) A Serotonin-Dependent Mechanism Explains the Leptin Regulation of Bone Mass, Appetite, and Energy Expenditure, Cell, 138: 976–989.

12. Chan, M. E., Lu. X. L., Huo, B., Baik, A. D., Chiang, V., Guldberg, R. E., Lu, H. H., and Guo, X. E.(2009) A Trabecular Bone Explant Model of Osteocyte-Osteoblast Co-Culture for Bone Mechanobiology, Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, 2(3): 405-415.

13. Huo, B. Lu, X. L., and Guo, X. E. (2010) Intracellular Calcium Wave Propagation in Linear and Looped Bone Cell Networks, Proceedings of the Royal Society A Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences, 368(1912): 617-633.

14. Yadav, V. K., Balaji, S., Suresh, P.S., Liu, X. S., Lu, X. L., Li, Z., Guo, X. E., Mann, J. J., Balapure, A. K., Medhamurthy, R., Vidal, M., Karsenty, G., Ducy, P. (2010) Pharmacological inhibition of gut-derived serotonin synthesis is a potential bone anabolic treatment for osteoporosis, Nature Medicine, 16(3):308-312.

15. Huo, B. Lu, X. L., Costa, K. D., Xu, Q. and Guo, X. E. (2010) An ATP-Dependent Mechanism Mediates Intercellular Calcium Signaling in Bone Cell Network under Single Cell Nanoindentation, Cell Calcium, 47(3): 234-241.

16. Liu, X. S., Zhang, X. H., Sekhon, K. K., Admas, M. F., McMahon, D. J., Bilezikian, J. P., Shane, E., and Guo, X. E. (2010) High-Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Tomography Can Assess Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Human Distal Tibial Bone, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 25(4):746–756.

17. Liu, X. S., Cohen, A. Shane, E., Stein, E., Rogers, H., Kokolus, S. L., Yin, P. T., McMahon, D. J., Lappe, J. M., Recker, R. R., and Guo, X. E. (2010) Individual Trabeculae Segmentation (ITS)-Based Morphological Analyses of High-Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Images Detects Abnormal Microarchitecture of Plate and Rod Microarchitecture in Premenopausal Women with Idiopathic Osteoporosis, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 25(7): 1496-1505.

18. Liu, X. S., Zhang, X. H., Rajapakse, C. S., Wald, M. J., Magland, J., Sekhon, K. K., Adams, M. F., Sajda, P., Wehrli, F. W., and Guo, X. E. (2010) Accuracy of High-Resolution In Vivo Micro Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Measurements of Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Human Distal Tibial Bone, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 25(9): 2039-2050.

19. Baik, A. D., Lu, X. L., Qiu, J., Huo, B., Hillman, E. M.C., Dong, C., and Guo, X. E. (2010) Quasi-3D Cytoskeletal Dynamics of Osteocytes under Fluid Flow, Biophysical Journal, 99(9): 2812-2820.

20. Liu, X.S., Walker M.D., McMahon, D.J., Udesky, J., Liu, G., Bilezikian, J.P., and Guo, X. E. Skeletal Microstructure by High Resolution, Non-Invasive Imaging: Differences between Premenopausal Chinese-American and Caucasian Women, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, in press, 2011.

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