ICMRC Meeting in Suzhou

A few members of BBL recently traveled to Suzhou, China for the inaugural International Chinese Musculoskeletal Research Conference (ICMRC) co-sponsored by ICRMS and ASBMR.

As president of ICMRS, Ed kicked-off the conference, which was a great success.

Andrew's going away party

Once again, members of BBL got together for an excellent hotpot dinner, this time to celebrate Andrew's time spent as a PhD and postdoc in the lab and wish him farewell as he starts a new job. We wish him the best of luck!

ORS Election Results

Professor Guo has been elected by the membership of the Orthopedic Research Society (ORS) for the position of Member-at-Large. Congratulations, Ed!

Happy Holidays! BBL Hotpot Annual Party

We had a fantastic hotpot annual party to celebrate this fruitful year of 2012. All the BBL members and our significant others gathered together and enjoyed a great hotpot feast. After a year's hard work, it's time to celebrate the joyful holidays now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Let's look forward to a wonderful new year for the BBL!

Summer 2012 Outing

We had another great summer outing at Ed and Carol's house in NJ this summer. We ate great food, watched the Olympics, and enjoyed good conversations. The highlight: a bear sighting! Stay tuned for more pictures.

Congrats to so many BBL students!

So much has been happening here at BBL! In addition to the travel awards given to Bin and Ji for the recent ASBMR conference, Ji was awarded the Webster Jee Young Investigator Award by ICHTS ( She gave an excellent talk at the ICHTS Membership Meeting at ASMBR.

And Andrew defended his thesis on Tuesday, October 9th! He gave an excellent talk and was granted distinction for his work on the Quasi-3D project. Congratulations, Andrew!

Congratulations to Da for winning the Young Investigator Award at the 1st Annual Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration Symposium

Da won the Young Investigator Award at the 1st Annual Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration Symposium by presenting his recent results 'Ex Vivo Calcium Response of Osteocytes and Osteoblasts in Intact Mouse Tibia under Cyclic Mechanical Loading'. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Ji on the BMES Medtronic Excellence in Modeling Award

Ji has recently been recognized as the winner of the BMES Medtronic Excellence in Modeling Award, which was announced on BMES website
She will give a talk on the HRpQCT-based plate rod model for the discrimination of fracture status in postmenopausal women. Congratulations!

Bin and Ji won the Young Investigator Travel Grant from ASBMR

Bin and Ji both won the Young Investigator Travel Grant from ASBMR. Their latest work will be presented in the plenary poster session of this year's ASBMR annual meeting in October. Congratulations!

Cheers for the new BBL achievement!

BBL Welcome the Arrival of New Family Member

BBL is happy to announce the arrival of a new family member, Chelsea, daughter of Dr. Henry Zhang. Chelsea arrived on July 4th, right on time to celebrate the Independence day. Both Mom and Chelsea are doing fine.

Chelsea's ArrivalChelsea's Arrival

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