Summer Days in the BBL!

As summer draws to a close, the BBL would like to sincerely thank all of our summer research assistants. Lucas, Walker, Peter, Navid, Jasmine, Jonathan, Reiji and Amy all worked very hard and helped make it a productive summer in the lab. We wish them all much success in the school year ahead!

Graduation 2016

Congratulations to BBL graduates of 2016.

Eamon Thomasson and Natalie Thulin both earned their bachelors degree.

Rachel Sattler earned her Masters degree.

Ji Wang earned her Doctoral degree and Eric Yu will defend soon and was able to walk for his Doctoral degree.

Jenny and Professor Guo attend the AAOS/ORS meeting in Chicago

Jenny and Professor Guo recently attended the AAOS/ORS Tackling Joint Disease by Understanding Crosstalk between Cartilage and Bone Research Symposium in Chicago. Here Jenny presented a talk "Trabecular plate and rod abnormalities in OA" highlighting recent work done in the BBL. The symposium was very interesting and sparked excellent conversation between researchers in cartilage and bone.

Congratulations Natalie Thulin!

On Thursday, April 28th Natalie Thulin successfully defended her senior undergraduate research thesis with the Biochemistry department at Barnard. Natalie has worked for the BBL for over a year. She began as a undergraduate research assistant, stayed on through the summer, and then has spent the last two semesters working on her thesis project in the lab. Her thesis was titled "Validation and characterization of a non-invasive dynamic tibia loading model for C57BL/6 female mice". Her work has been invaluable to the ongoing graduate research in the BBL.

Congrats Genevieve on her latest publication!

Genevieve's most recent paper has been published in Bone: T-type voltage-sensitive calcium channels mediate mechanically-induced intracellular calcium oscillations in osteocytes by regulating endoplasmic reticulum calcium dynamics. Find it on PubMed today!

Congratulations Dr. Ji Wang!

Big congratulations to Dr. Ji Wang, who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis titled "Plate-Rod Microstructural Modeling for Accurate and Fast Assessment of Bone Strength" on March 31st, 2016. We are very proud of her and wish her much success and happiness in her post-graduate endeavors.

Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam's Birthday 2016

Visit from Hong Kong Colleagues

Post ORS we hosted our colleagues Ka Yee and Huanxiong from Chinese University of Hong Kong for a week. On their final day, we treated them to our favorite celebratory lunch, hibachi at Nikko. We wish both Ka Yee and Huanxiong safe travels and much success ahead in their research!

Hibachi at NikkoHibachi at Nikko


We just returned from an excellent ORS Annual Meeting in Orlando, where we had the opportunity to present some of our newest work and learn about the exciting work coming out of other labs. We also enjoyed a lovely dinner with our colleagues from Hong Kong!

New Baby!

Huge congratulations to BBL alumni Da Jing and his wife who welcomed their first child, Chengxuan Jing 景晟轩, earlier this week. We here at the BBL are so happy and wish the whole family much happiness!

Proud New PapaProud New Papa

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